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Muzzy and Celldweller Team Up For Epic Collaboration

Seasoned Monstercat artist Muzzy, and the multi-talented musician and producer Celldeweller are two artists that have been pushing the boundaries of electronic music since their arrival to the scene. The two producers each have a unique style that they offer, and their newest release is no different. Muzzy has made a name for himself with a signature style of drum and bass while Celldweller has expertly blended metal and orchestral elements with bass music.

Muzzy – New Age (feat. Celldweller) [Monstercat Lyric Video]

Their collaboration titled “New Age” has been released on Monstercat, a new achievement for Celldweller, has already amassed hundreds of thousands of views and is destined to be one of the biggest hits on the Canada-based label.  “New Age” offers everything from catchy vocal riffs, energizing screaming, and a bass line that will captivate the attention of any bass music fan. The record begins with an attention-grabbing synth line that slowly bends up and down in pitch just before a rock-inspired guitar riff and accompanied with by percussion. Following this, insightful vocals lead into a dynamic drop before releasing the tension with a powerful drop whose bassline will be stuck in your head for days. The track ends with crazy sound effects that tease its audience before finally reaching its curtain call. Unlike many tracks that we hear these days, “New Age” possesses that x factor that makes me turn on the repeat button for this tune.

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