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Rettchit Prepares ‘The Harvest’

It’s not every day that a new artist seemingly appears out of thin air and blesses the world with music. That must mean today is no ordinary day. Newcomer to Firepower Records, Retchitt is already delivering some of the heaviest dubstep of the year. The 4-track EP The Harvest is the perfect taste of what the young artist brings to the table. These songs are for sure going to be popping up in some of the worlds heaviest dubstep sets. I highly recommend the track “Godzilla” for a fix of grimy headbanging goodness. The EP is so fresh that it doesn’t even have 1,000 streams on Spotify yet, so for all the bassheads that are trying to be ahead of the curve, this is the EP for you.

At only 20 years old, Rettchit is already preparing for humanity’s final stage of evolution, the robot uprising. Already gaining support from artists like Slander and Excision, Rettchit has proved he’s here to stay. The Denver based artist wears a wicked robot mask that can be compared to a face of a Transformer right before entering battle. Firepower has confirmed that his ability to create a futuristic onslaught of sonic destruction and the penetration of his being and music come from his robotic structure and spiritual abilities. Truly, Rettchit is a forced to be reckoned with. Retchitt has come to Earth with a purpose, to harvest the souls of audiences and destroy dance floors.

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