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REZZ Earns Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year

Shortly after playing a sold-out show in San Marcos, Texas, REZZ found out that she won a Juno Award for Best Electronic Album of the Year. The Canadian DJ, producer, and owner of my soul earned the award for her first full album Mass Manipulation and if anyone deserves it, it’s her. REZZ defied all doubts–she’s young, she’s a woman in a male-dominated industry, and her music style is so different that it may be considered risky to some. But REZZ did it and now she’s headling festivals, working on a second album, performing at Red Rocks and casually winning awards for album of the year.

REZZ has built a brand for herself that both defines her as anything but mainstream and somehow makes her equally undefinable. Her stage presence is unlike many who rely on shouting into the microphone and jumping on the DJ table to get the crowd hyped. REZZ simply sways back and forth, mesmerizing the crowd in front of her hypnotic visuals. The dark nature of her music, her lights and visuals, and even her all-black outfits set the tone for her shows and prepare her fans for a total abduction. Perhaps the most important aspect of her aesthetic, other than the music itself, is the goggles. The LED lights glow so powerfully that even from the back of a crowded festival stage you can spot Space Mom. The goggle lights spin and change color, sucking the victim to her bass in. The precision with which REZZ produced her brand is what set her aside from other DJs who might only focus on their music.

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REZZ’s loyalty to herself and her sound is also what earned her the award. She’s said that she will continue to make music for herself and for her fans, but that she will never stray from what she thinks sounds good. Artists who stay true to their music and don’t succumb to mainstream appeal are artists that earn awards, and REZZ is one of them. More than that, she has remained the same humble and sweet human that she was before she exploded in popularity. She continues to talk with her fans in a vulnerable and down to earth way, like when she told the Cult of REZZ that she cried when they made her a happy birthday video. Albums alone don’t win awards; the artists themselves play a big part, and REZZ deserves all the awards in the world for her character.

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REZZ has facilitated growth and evolution in EDM today and remains an encouraging figure for blooming artists in the industry. Her precision and effort are evident in her idiosyncratic mix of simple tech sounds and bass, and this is showcased in her award-winning album, Mass Manipulation. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t listened to the album yet, put the album on repeat and prepare for your soul to leave your body. It’s just what REZZ’s music does.

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