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Watch it Wednesday: Kaskade – ‘Cold As Stone’

It’s been too long since Kaskade last made us cry. This week’s Watch it Wednesday will surely change that. Check out the newest video from Kaskade, “Cold As Stone.”

Kaskade – “Cold As Stone” feat. Charlotte Lawrence

Featuring the lovely and fiercely talented Charlotte Lawrence on vocals, “Cold As Stone” already sparked emotion with its relatable break-up lyrics and classic Kaskade feels-y vibes. The video adds the perfect visual to that. Taking place in a diner, the video toggles back and forth between a dancing, smiling Charlotte with sunshine beaming in through the windows, and a not so happy Charlotte, sitting alone in a dark diner booth while it storms outside. The symbolism is not lost on us – once Charlotte “walks away” from the destructive relationship keeping her unhappy, she is able to feel happy and alive again.

Kaskade makes an appearance as one of the diner patrons, but it’s brief and subtle. It’s clear he’s letting Charlotte steal the show, and with vocals like that, we can’t blame him.

Want to cry your eyes out to Kaskade in person? Me too. Catch him at Talking Stick Resort this May for a Release Pool Party.

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