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Whethan Gives ‘Yodel Boy’ Mason Ramsey Coachella Debut

In the past week, the popularity of Mason Ramsey, better known as the Yodel King of America, has absolutely skyrocketed. Earlier this month, a video surfaced on Twitter of Mason ‘Lil Hank’ Ramsey singing–nay, yodeling–in the middle of an Illinois Walmart. This meme literally blew up overnight and the next day everyone knew about it…2018 is wild.

On day one of Coachella, Whethan decided to give the crowd the set of their lives and actually brought out Mason Ramsey. If you watched clips or live streams, you can hear the crowd shrieking at nearly Beyonce-crowd levels.

According to Twitter personality “Eric Turtle,” Ramsey followed him on Twitter, Eric Direct Messaged him asking him to play Whethan’s set at Coachella, Ramsey flew to California, allegedly missed his own school’s talent show, and the rest is history.

Whethan tweeted the day before that he would have “the best special guest at Coachella,” but shortly thereafter deleted it. I have no receipts of this so you’re just going to have to trust me. That being said, when he finally revealed his very special guest during his set, he did not disappoint.

If you’re hitting Coachella Weekend 2, definitely be sure to check out Whethan on Friday, whether or not our little country friend will be joining him– with Whethan’s track record, it will still be a set to remember.

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Photo Credit: ABC 7 News

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