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Who Are The Binches?

Close your eyes and picture your friends. You’re likely laughing, smiling, thinking of that time your friend did that stupid thing. You proceed to roll your eyes, then smile, and laugh again. Friends are important. They are your rocks, they are your go-to when life is going awry. Many people have their groups, posses, or squads. Today, we’re going to talk about the ultimate EDM squad, The Binches.

Comprised of Kayzo, Ookay, Dotcom, and Yultron, The Binches are bass-buddies for life! Not only are they a tight friend-group, they create music and perform together. Though it was not officially released  The Binches as a group, the epic track by the four artists is one that shows how dynamic they are. You can listen to the full-course meal of a song they created, “Tempura Roll” below.

Having first performed as a group in 2016, binches and binchette’s alike have been awaiting another show by the four in the years since. They won’t have to wait much longer because The Binches will be making an appearance at EDC Las Vegas next month!

With their huge EDC performance just around the corner, we can only hope that more collaborative shows are in the works.

Connect with The Binches: Facebook | Twitter

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