Relentless Beats

Who is 1788-L?

At some show once I heard the trippiest experimental bass and it snatched a part of my soul. I assumed it was a Bassnectar or Rezz track that I had either never heard of or hadn’t been released. Recently there has been a lot of discussion about a DJ by the name of 1788-L and how their music is hypnotizing and mind-boggling. Then, it all clicked in a clip of a Seven Lions show; it was that entrancing song I had once heard belonged to none other than this mysterious 1788-L.

Immediately I listened to all of their tracks on Soundcloud (there are only five posted). In addition to the track I had originally heard titled “Pulsar/Beam,” there’s Daft Punk and Virtual Self remixes. Those that compared 1788-L and Rezz are on the right track; this producer has a uniquely arresting sound that is not quite as glitchy as Bleep Bloop but is slightly more experimental in sound than Rezz.

As for the producer(s) themselves, they’re as vague as their name. No information on the human(s) is to be found online, but maybe when more people realize the power that the heart-pounding bass has on the soul and mind, 1788-L will reveal a little bit of the mystery.

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