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DJ to Watch: hikeii

His name is pronounced “hi-key” and his sound is just that, high key…DOPE. When he rolled through my SoundCloud feed, I was intrigued by his aqua blue thumbnail and exclamatory song title. Within 15 seconds I know I had stumbled upon something special. Mid jam sesh I had to double take; his use of chopped vocals and repetitive tempo sounded like a certain turtle I know, a Trippy Turtle. It was like hearing the Jersey Club produce for the first time. Check out the track below by today’s DJ to Watch.

Like Trippy Turtle’s carbon copy, right? The similarities are uncanny and it turned my interest in hikeii into hard drive. From what surfing SoundCloud revealed, Trippy Turtle didn’t run off and have a love child (although that would explain his hiatus from touring), the two are separate entities but are no strangers to working together. It’s unclear how the relationship sprouted, but it is clear as day that the Turtle’s tunes had quite the effect on rising star, hikeii.

The LA-based beatsologist has been sharing his craft online for the last three years and consistently gaining recognition and doting fans. This past Coachella he played the convicted ac-blasted staged at the Heineken House, bringing some much-needed breakbeats to the indie fest. All we see from this artist is promising potential are itching to see what he does next.

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