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Krewella and Shaun Frank Team Up for New Summer Hit

Krewella and Shaun Frank are two monumental names in the electronic music scene.  After both have proven to influence the direction of dance music with tracks like “Alive” by Krewella and “Let You Get Away” by Shaun Frank, the three have teamed up to create a triple-threat trio with their new collaboration which is signed to Ultra Records of Ultra Music Festival.  An experienced co-writer with pop artists and mega hit-makers like The Chainsmokers, Frank supported the female duo throughout their recent New World Tour, proving their collaborative energies promoted success from its onset.

After the three artists have already released several tracks this year, “Gold Wings,” a genre-bending record, is the result of the dynamic skills from Frank’s production skills and Krewella’s vocal performance.  Sourcing influence from pop and future bass, the collaboration is a relentless series of catchy vocal hooks followed by infectious call-and-response from Frank’s synth work.  Complete and equipped with catchy top lines from the sisters, dazzling supersaw melodies, and a structurally-sound arrangement, this record, is sure to be a summer hit.  You can stream and download the pop-anthem here, and grab tickets to Krewella’s upcoming pool party performance here.

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