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Spin it Back Saturday: Deadmau5 – ‘Sofi Needs a Ladder’

For us millennials, the early 2000’s were a time of music exploration to sooth the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. If you were like me, and you were lucky enough to stumble upon “dead-mow-5” (don’t laugh, you thought so, too) you probably found great comfort in his soothing/angsty/dance evoking robot noises. Arguably one of his best, “Sofi Needs a Ladder” embodies this sense of defiance, the feeling of emotional and physical release. At a time when electronic was unfamiliar, this song and so many of his others help shape the industry we know and love today. For Today’s Spin it Back Saturday we honor the ma5ter of the dubs and decks with a song that never gets old.

In the 8 years this song has been floating around cyberspace, it has been picked up by countless TV and film producers to amplify a moment in pop culture. From a mansion party in Entourage to a strip club scene in The Hangover Part II, Zimmerman’s track has see places most songs never will.

As ruthless as he is on twitter, Joel Zimmerman is a giver in the studio. This 2011 Juno Award-winning track signifies the peak of the Mua5 era, reverberating nostalgia wherever it plays. Looking forward to him, The Cube, and hopefully hearing all of 4×4=12 at Goldrush, this song has us itching with excitement. Come September the Mau5 is back in the Rawhide house- grab your tickets here.

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