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3 Slushii Songs to Get You Juiced

Slush-master-funk, or Slushii as people not in my immediate friend group call him, is returning to Arizona this September for a very special performance at Goldrush. Slushii is going to be preparing his specialty; a blend of banging beats with a healthy portion of laser beams, and a heap of his own music for a sweet, slush-a-licious set. I remember when I first heard Slushii at Decadence 2016. I was hooked, and after that weekend I went home and listened to his entire discography. Slushii’s singles cover all the bases when it comes to great music: flawless beats, heartfelt lyrics, and pristine melodies to soothe listeners minds.  Make sure to catch Slushii at Goldrush on September 27th and 28th. Purchase tickets here!

“I Still Recall” is a beautiful and melodic song. Its buildup is lucid, with descriptive lyrics performed by Slushii himself. The songs drop is fast and imaginative. Overall, this song is an iconic blend of slower-somber music with popular dance music

“Level Up” is off of Slushii’s newest album, and it’s a prime example of how much Slushii has grown as an artist. “Level Up” and the rest of his newest album, Find Your Wings is more developed and increase in quality can be heard right away compared to his earlier work. This song is packed with filthy, grimy dubstep that is fun to listen too. I highly recommend checking out the rest of Find Your Wings.


Slushii and Marshmello being good friends is no secret. They have a similar style when it comes to their music, and when they put their creative minds together, anything is possible. Slushii and Marshmello have collaborated numerous times before, but none have been as iconic as “Twinbow”. The different styles of the two artists come together like slurpee’s and taquitos, with lyrics that sound similar to Slushii’s music and the drop that has a Marshmello vibe.

Slushii hits Goldrush Music Festival this fall and you won’t want to miss it; grab your tickets here.

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