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Barely Alive Brings Us ‘Bad Thang’

Barely Alive is known for their hard-hitting, bass-infused dance music and iconic cassette tape helmet. Their live sets are overflowing with grimy headbanging goodness and their new track “Bad Thang” is no different. Releasing the track through Disciple Records, Barely Alive fuses pop, hip-hop, and bass into his new creation, and it’s wonderful. Barely Alive strayed away from the typical looped chorus on “Bad Thang” and instead has Splitbreed deliver a barrage of hip-hop lyrics over the melody. What makes this song special is that it doesn’t sound like a typical Barely Alive track until it gets to the drop. The buildup gives the song a future-bass vibe, but as soon as the bass drops, listeners are taken away to dubstep nirvana.

“Bad Thang” is the second release we’ve seen from the Massachusetts based duo in 2018. Although they are newer to the dance music industry, Barely Alive has skyrocketed in popularity and has had several #1 songs on Beatport. In 2014, the duo ended their year as the #2 dubstep artist on Beatport, being beaten by the one and only Skrillex. This proved to be a defining moment for Barely Alive, and they’ve only continued to grow since. The Disciple Records Label is continuing to grow and it has become a household name for dubstep fans everywhere.

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Photo: Jake Southard Visuals

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