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Become ‘Trap Like’ with Teamworx and AYOR

Last time Teamworx collaborated with Sunstars on their single, “Playin’ Around,” we couldn’t help but notice the heavy attention to bringing progressive to the forefront, as well as the”party anthem vibes received throughout. This time, Teamworx and AYOR are bringing more fire to Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings with their newest single titled  “Trap Like.”

Teamworx & AYOR – Trap Like 

While not the most “trap-like” in a traditional sense, Teamworx and AYOR utilize a numerous series of drops leading up to rhythmic mid-sections. As the song skirts through each drop, you can almost imagine the pulsing of a large festival crowd vibing with the track. “Trap Like” follows the trend set by “Playin’ Around” with its heavy bass influence and captures the energy needed to support itself with a live audience.

Halfway through the track, the true “trap-like” influences the vocal samples spoke of begin to take form as the rhythmic mid-points combine with a progressive trap beat. Although the title of this track may indicate otherwise, “Trap Like” is much less trap, and ten times more bass when factored into the true focus of the track. As the summer starts to heat up, Teamworx and AYOR will have no problem helping you get your party on.

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