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DJ to Watch: Hazey Eyes

Fans of feelsy music rejoice – there’s a new DJ in town and he’s showing no mercy. Hazey Eyes is a 21-year-old DJ and producer who first began his musical career with an interest in classical music, but ultimately turned to club culture. His classical background might explain why his approach is so unique.  Specializing in tasteful, emotive, and thought-provoking music, Hazey Eyes is on the rise due to his fresh, innovative sound, making him a perfect selection for this week’s DJ to Watch.

The young DJ began receiving recognition back in 2016 with his debut EP, Goodbye, named after his most successful single to date. Consisting of four tracks, the EP provided a first look into the artist’s knack for both ambient, yet energetic dance music. What really sets Hazey Eyes apart, however, is his blend of genres. “Goodbye” is the only track on the EP that clearly falls within the realm of EDM/dance music. The other three songs, “Need You,” “Untitled,” and “Our Story” blend instrumental and electronic elements with indie/alternative, appealing to a broader range of fans.

His latest single, “Some Reason,” featuring FEELDS, comes from his 2017 EP with the same name.  FEELDS’ velvet vocals bring out Hazey Eyes’ use of texture in this lovely pop song.

While Hazey Eyes tends to keep it slow in his production, his live sets are notably more daring. He’s been known to include remixes from old school R&B/Hip Hop artists and even the Rugrats’ theme song, all incorporated into high energy sets. For a DJ so new in his career, Hazey Eyes is already receiving some undeniable recognition. Don’t miss your change to catch him as he opens up for Petit Biscuit at the Van Buren in Phoenix on November 4. Grab your tickets here.

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