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Fort Romeau Releases Gorgeous New Track ‘Pablo’

The foundation of house music is the pulsating, looping drum kick and the offbeat hi-hats. The uniqueness of each house track is found in the euphoria-inducing nuances. Those moments when layered on top of these familiar elements produce sounds and loops that cause you to go from rhythmic dancing and head nodding to arms thrust in the air. In “Pablo,” a 9-minute track from London artist Fort Romeau, you get those rapturous feelings a couple times.

The build up is long but never dull. A synthy rolling bassline drops about 40 seconds in. Additional subtle elements like are added after a minute. Then right after the 4 minute mark, that familiar sound of the pressurized smoke machine shooting fog into the crowd goes off and that euphoric moment is produced. It’s a feeling house music gives time and time again that never disappoints.

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