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Luca Lush’s New Single ‘Vermilion’ is Red Hot

Luca Lush, the blue-haired boy wonder from Brooklyn, has been on a roll with a recent series of single releases, all featuring a similar artsy and portrait-style cover art. The genres range from trap to future bass to somewhere in between. The growing artist knows no bounds when it comes to genres though, as he has proven with his most recent single, “Vermilion.”

The track starts with an eery piano, followed by some gnarly bass. The beat is almost similar to moombahton, another genre that Luca Lush dabbles in, but the tempo is slower. The song grows sinister with spooky voices whispering, “There was never anyone to love him. No one… I thought I could. But I was wrong.” The drop is grimy, and even a little reminiscent of something you may hear from REZZ  This similarity has an obvious reason, both these other artists make music based on the sound they want to create, not the genre they want to conform to. If Luca Lush continues to produce music in this way, there’s no doubt he’ll reach quick success.

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