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Madeon Releases Long-Awaited “Evil Edit” of ‘Shelter’

Wunderkind Hugo Leclercq, better known as Madeon, has made a name for himself with his unparalleled ability to incorporate magical sounds, inspiring melodies, and impeccable production quality in his bodies of work.  From collaborating with names like Passion Pit to winning the remix competition for Pendulum’s “The Island” at the beginning of his career, he has achieved so much at quite a young age.  As the French musician continues to explore his career, his audience is welcomed with even more insight into his sonic palate as a producer.  He recently released his ‘Evil Edit’ of “Shelter,” a 2016 hit made with fellow friend and producer Porter Robinson, which exemplifies his ability to explore what he can really do with sound.

Madeon cleverly reimagined the entire vibe of “Shelter” by shifting the notes of the vocal into a minor key and keeping a darker feeling the centerpiece of the edit.  Leaving a special note for us, he stated: “Hello! Nice find! This is a version of Shelter I made one gloomy evening, I wanted to corrupt its spirit a little! It’s very different from the music I’m making in the studio but I had a lot of fun with it still.” While this suggests his new music is more melodic and upbeat, we are still thankful he decided to release this gem that shows us what he can do with some darker sounds.

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