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Oolacile Drops Infectious New Single ‘Tatsu’

Known for his ridiculously filthy riddim and dubstep sounds, DJ and producer Oolacile has been on the rise since his emergence onto the scene a few years back. He’s put out a couple EPs and a few singles throughout his career, via Prime Audio, Smog Recordings and Disciple Recordings. The producer just dropped his latest and first single of 2018, entitled “Tatsu.” Check it out below.

“Tatsu” is a collaboration with Drum & Bass producer Signal that crunches hard with some heavy, distinctive sounds. With static bass that will make the hair on your arms stand straight up, “Tatsu” is an infectious track that will make you instantly hit replay.

This marks the first release for Oolacile in 2018, but 2017 saw some bangers, including the riddim hit “OMG,” with Spock,  his “Human Experience” VIP, and his five-track EP Embers, via Disciple Records. His past few releases have been darker and dirtier than the sounds he’s produced in the past, but we are loving where he’s going with this.

Catch Oolacile live at the Monarch Theatre on Saturday, July 14, alongside Infekt and Murda. Grab your tickets here.

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