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Oscat Incorporates a Classic with ‘In the Night’

Oscat is a newborn (but fast-growing) future house project edited and produced by Italian DJ and producer Manuel Costa. He’s still relatively new; his first track dropped on Spotify in 2017, and his Spotify bio simply says, “Oscat is dopamine. Oscat is your new favorite artist. Oscat is happiness and freedom.” Ultimately, it’s less about the artist and more about the music, and while not much is said about Oscat, the music speaks for itself. Recently, Oscat dropped a new future house track “In the Night” and it’s both funky and reminiscent.

The tempo of this track perfectly fits a house beat and the funky high-pitched bubbly sounds and groovy synths give this the fun tune of a futuristic track. What really sets this track apart, though, are the samples of “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey mixed in. It gives this song an extra little something to dance and vibe to, and the fact that it’s a classic song makes it connect that much quicker. When I first listened to this track, I got a perfect mix of Oliver Heldens vibes along with that slight euphoria from the Journey song. Oscat definitely knows what he’s doing; I can’t wait to see what he develops next!

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