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Whethan Works His Magic on Clairo’s ‘Pretty Girl’

Ethan Snoreck, better known by his stage name Whethan, is far from typical. His tracks verge on indie pop/synth, but keeps the electronic influence is present. I first stumbled on the Chicago-born musical magician with “When I’m Down,” which was hardly recognizable as an electronic track because of the heavy use of vocals, scarcity of electronic samples, and downtempo beat composed of real instruments. With this track and others, Whethan has quickly gained the spotlight. To add to the evidence, he recently put out a bootleg of Clairo’s dainty track “Pretty Girl.”

The original “Pretty Girl” is a slow, syrupy sweet track with a cute synth keyboard for the beat and heavy indie vibes. In his bootleg, Whethan maintains the feel, but drops the delicateness and takes the tempo up a few. Bright synths chime along with the vocals and then slide into an edgier sound that takes this track from a little whisper to an electro bop. This transformation is nothing short of magical, and what else would you expect from Whethan?

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