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Calling All Former (and Current) Emo Kids–Sullivan King Offers Killer Bring Me The Horizon Remix

Attention all former emo kids: The hardcore master of dubstep himself, Sullivan King, has remixed a classic from the one and only Bring Me the Horizon. Sullivan King completely reimagines “Throne” into a heavy dubstep masterpiece. This electronic take on the hardcore classic will have you headbanging and moshing with a huge nostalgic smile on your face. The track reels you in with the classic Oliver Sykes lyrics over a dirty melodic bassline, the track then drops with a signature Sullivan King scream and a wonky dubstep rhythm. If you grew up listening to bands like Bring Me The Horizon and A Day to Remember, then this track is exactly what you need. The combination of hardcore music and electronic creates the perfect harmony between two legendary genres.

This new trend of remixing classic hardcore songs is exactly what the dubstep community needed. We first saw this trend earlier in the year when Kayzo remixed the classic “Last Resort” by Papa Roach and seeing Sullivan King continue in this trend is uplifting. As a former emo kid turned headbanger, I hope this trend continues to blossom and influences bass music in a positive way. See you in the pit!

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Photo: Shannon Cottrell

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