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Check Out The Skrillex Remix of Pendulum’s ‘The Island – Part I (Dawn)’

When thinking of EDM, there are a few artists that automatically come to people’s minds. One of those names is likely Skrillex. Sonny Moore has completely dominated the scene since 2010. As the years have progressed so has his sound. His more recent tunes have taken him from dub to house and back as we love it! Each new release shows how diverse he is as a producer.

With that, his newest release is a remix of a song that many electronic fans know–Pendulum’s “The Island, Part I – Dawn.” Pendulum is an Australian drum ‘n bass group. “The Island, Part I – Dawn” is one of their most famous songs, which garnered much attention when released and still today. Check it out below.

The remix of the song starts off chill yet upbeat. The repeating of the original vocals, remixed into a ‘tropical’ vibe gone other-worldly is only something Skrillex could pull off. With the release of this remix, we hope to hear more from Sonny soon!

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