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Hotel Garuda Announces Their Decision to Part Ways

Questions always arise when a group makes the decision to break-up. Was there bad blood? Did they not agree on the direction of the group? Numerous questions can be asked but most are left unanswered. On June 21st, Hotel Garuda tweeted out the announcement of their break-up and that their last set together would be at Electric Forest. The announcement comes at an unexpected time only because they had just released their newest single “Blurry Eyes” on June 15th.

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The two DJs who make Hotel Garuda, Manila Killa and Candleweather, have been curating huge house tunes ever since they debuted in 2014. Starting off with widely-successful remixes of Disclosure, SNBRN, and Lana Del Rey, it did not take them long to create their own music. Songs like “Fixed On You,” “Smoke Signals,” and “Til It Burns Out” saw over a million streams on Soundcloud respectively.

For fans of Hotel Garuda, this is sad news, but it does not seem like they are closing the door on the project entirely. The possibility of getting back together is always there but for now, Manila Killa and Candleweather will go on solo.

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