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KSHMR Drops ‘Carry Me Home’ feat. Jake Reese

Berkley producer Niles Hollowell-Dhar, better known as KSHMR, has married his high energy vibes with the feathery voice of Jake Reese to create a track as smooth as cashmere. Even if you’re not a fan of progressive house, you have to admit this one has some soul to it. The song “Carry Me Home” comes as a release under Dharma Worldwide, his record label he created last year. The track first debuted at Ultra Music Festival earlier this year, and now it’s released for our listening pleasure.

The melody of this track is uplifting and beautiful individually, but Jake Reese’s voice harmonizes perfectly and makes this track more than your typical progressive house song. The lyrics are powerful and heartbreaking as well: “You take the high road / I take the bottle / A little taste of freedom.” The nature of progressive house keeps this song from being too much of a downer, so it’s still perfect for dancing and jamming to. There is emotion and thought weaved in this track, and it’s clear KSHMR put his heart into its creation. KSHMR has developed incredibly as a producer in just the last year alone. I’s only greater things for him from now on!

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