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Megalodon Takes Shark Week to the Next Level with Heavy New Mix

With millions of streams across various platforms, not to mention a string of Beatport Number 1’s, Megalodon is no stranger to the dubstep scene. Since 2008, the San Francisco based producer has seen ever-growing demand. A master in the spotlight, his music has been featured on some of the biggest stages across the globe. His technical mixing style, alongside his dedication to making forward-thinking tracks, has made him a stand out producer.

His latest creation? A Shark Week mix from the mega shark himself. With the release, Megalodon said, “I hope you enjoy my brand new mix. Keep your ears peeled for a lot of unreleased music from myself :-)” Check it out below.

This 30-minute mix opens with Megalodon and Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ fitting track “Jurassic.” It also features beats from Kompany, Virtual Riot, SVDDEN DEATH, Zomboy, Getter and more!

Prepare to be shark bait as Megalodon is set to destroy Monarch Theatre this Saturday alongside Tisoki. This mix is perfect for the pregame. Grab tickets here!

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