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3 SQUNTO Remixes to Dig Before Goldrush

If there’s one thing SQUNTO knows, it’s how to completely flip and reimagine some of the heaviest music in the industry. His remixes blow the originals out of the water. He’s a pro at combining multiple tracks together, creating a heavy motif of bass. He was raised on instruments like the piano, drums, and guitar. It wasn’t until 2010 when he heard Rusko‘s “Woo Bass” that SQUNTO became inspired to give dance music a shot.

He’s had massive success in this industry and has since played some of the biggest festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Sunset Music Festival. The Massachusettes-based DJ is returning to Arizona to show us what he’s made of this September at Goldrush Music Festival. To get you Goldrush ready, here are 3 of SQUNTO’s heaviest remixes.

[MegaChop MiniMix] 24 Drops in 3 Minutes

Starting off this list is possibly one of the most intricate songs in the bass music industry. “24 Drops in 3 Minutes” combines 24 of the most popular bass songs from artists like 4B and Zomboy. He dissects the best part of each of these songs and fuses them together with insane 8-channel mixing skills. Don’t listen to this track while operating heavy machinery.

Figure and Dack Janiels – ‘The Ritual’

The original version “The Ritual” goes hard. The horror-loving DJ and producer Figure teamed up with Dack Janiels to lays down heavy guitar riffs and drum samples. Pair this with eerie screams and wobbles that packs a punch and you have a well-balanced dose of bass music. SQUNTO throws this track into a Vita-mix and the finished product is filthy. SQUNTO’s remix of “The Ritual” completely redefines the bass-drop into a wonky and twisted melody. His addition of church choir samples, bring the eeriness and mysteriousness of this track up a notch.

DirtySnatcha – “Swerve”

“Swerve” by DirtySnatcha has become a staple in festival culture. Every DJ has thrown this track into their set at one point or another, and it’s clear why. Instead of putting the original in his sets, SQUNTO has dissected and reassembled “Swerve.” His remix gives the track a facelift and it’s hard to even compare to the original. SQUNTO’s “Swerve” still keeps the original lyrics, but every other part of the song has been completely modified. It’s a refreshing take on this dance music classic.

If you haven’t got your fill of filth, make sure you’re there when SQUNTO throws down live. Grab tickets for Goldrush here!

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