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Artist Spotlight: Lee K

When I started looking into Lee K, I figured finding information about her would be fairly easy as she’s been rising in popularity over recent years. But after several google searches, including “Lee K,” “Lee K artist,” and “Lee K DJ,” I was stumped at the lack of details surrounding her career. She’s been described as somewhat of an introvert, dodging interviews, letting her music and her SoundCloud profile do the talking for her. “It’s half on purpose, half not on purpose.”

Personally, I like that she has little online presence. In a world where technology and social media is a way for less talented artists to gain popularity because of engagement and “clapbacks” on Twitter, she lets her talent speak for herself. Her music, which can be described as deep, dark, and underground, provides so much to the listener that she doesn’t need to respond to every tweet or share personal information about her life to gain notoriety. She’s just living and breathing techno. And people love her for it.

I wish I could say more, but this is all for now.  If you want to get to know her on a more intimate level, I’d suggest seeing her in person. Just to be able to experience the performance and vibe she sets up in her shows is unlike many others. Lee K is playing at Shady Park for another round of TreeHouse Sundays on September 2nd. See for yourself how she can get down and how she creates energy for the crowd. Buy tickets here

Connect with Lee K: Facebook |  Twitter | SoundCloud

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