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Incoming Transmission: 1788-L Brings Us ‘NU / VER / KA’

Earlier this week the mysterious 1788-L dropped his newest bop, “NU / VER / KA.” Think of it less like a song and more like an aural experience. The entire experience from start to finish is a ride. “NU / VER / KA” follows no specific style or genre, instead it takes the wonkiest elements from numerous genres and puts them together. There are hints of trance, bass, and techno scattered throughout, creating a harmony of electronic music. “NU / VER / KA” is the second single released from 17888-L’s highly anticipated EP S E N T I E N C E  EP that will drop this Friday (8/24). To hold fans over until the release of the EP, 1788-L has created a curated Spotify playlist with a ton of his own music.

1788-L’s music is just as mysterious as his name suggests. After appearing from seemingly nowhere, 1788-L quickly gained support from artists like Rezz, Illenium, and Said the Sky. He collaborated on Rezz’s massive hit “HEX” from her newest EP and joined forces with Said the Sky and Illenium on their latest collab “Sound of Where’d U Go.” The mysterious and autonomous beats from 1788-L are hypnotizing. He employs dystopian basslines and haunting melodies in a compelling way that is completely distinct from other artists.

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