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Spag Heddy Shows His ‘Bass Claws’

Mischa Reining got the name Spag Heddy while living in Holland in 2011. At the time, he was making hip-hop instrumentals for dutch rappers when dubstep started to gain popularity. Reining was making a lot of spaghetti, noodles, and cheap food at the time and a friend of his was named MC Roni. He originally chose Spag Heddy as a joke eventually, like all great accidents, it stuck, making the most delicious moniker to date.

Venturing into the Soundcloud of Spag Heddy resembles that of dunking your head into a vat of government-secured chemicals. That stuff will tear your face off. That being said, it’s no surprise that some of Reining’s influences include Skrillex, Excision, and Zomboy.

Heddy has seen official releases and remixes on labels such as Firepower, NSD Black Label, Rottun, Play Me, Monstercat and Disciple. His sound resonates with all who fancy themselves lovers of things “not soft.” Serving up some serious tomato bass, “Bass Claws” goes so hard and demolitions in its path.

Meaty right? Come check out the buffet of sounds at Gentle Bens on September 20th for a Tucson-based Goldrush Expedition. Grab your tickets here!

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photo: @justinbuttsfilm

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