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The Road to Bluprint: 3 Claude VonStroke Songs You Can’t Live Without

Claude VonStroke, the proud founder of Dirtybird records is a crafted expert of all things bumping and funky. VonStroke’s psychedelic house basslines have been taking crowds on trips since his debut in 2003. VonStroke’s style is different from a majority of house music around today. Every bar and measure is precisely tuned to audibly nourish listeners into a state of euphoria. Besides being a ground-shaking force in the house industry, VonStroke is also responsible for organizing some of the dirtiest festivals of the year, Dirtybird Campout and BBQ series. Claude is returning to Phoenix on October 26th when he’ll kick off our newest  Bluprint show series. To get you prepared, here are three Claude VonStroke songs for when he brings Arizona to house heaven!

Walay (My Bae)

“Walay (My Bae)” is one of Claude’s newest tracks and it BUMPS! The bassline on this track is refreshing, with a slight pause at the end of each measure that makes it stand out. The vocals on this track really catchy and fun to sing along to as well. Overall, “Walay (My Bae)” is a creative and funky take on house music.

Bitch Better Have My Money (Claude Remix)

I didn’t know about this song until I signed up for Birdfeed, the premium service offered from Dirtybird records, and getting to discover this song was worth the $6 price alone. This rework “Bitch Better Have My Money” completely reimagines the original from Rihanna. “White Label #1” is a hidden treasure of Von Stroke and proves that he saves a lot of his best work for live shows and dedicated songs.


This track is off Von Stroke’s newest album Live from Detroit. “Maharaja” is a vibrant and colorful track that highlights the darker side of house music. This song is full of heavy bass rumbles, and smaller more rapid synths. These unique elements of the song fused together remind me of an industrial-age machine working at full speed.

Grab tickets to Claude VonStroke at Bluprint here!

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