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Bassnectar Delivers Part 3 of ‘Reflective’ Project

If Bassnectar is a blooming bass flower, then his bassheads are the birds and bees sucking up that sweet wub-wub nectar. Bassnectar is truly the bass God ruling the electronic scene, transcending all bass music with an intellect and appetite for experimental electronic music. Last year he started a two-part project, Reflective, consisting of two EPs filled with his bass creations. Recently, he dropped the third part to the project, and it’s rich with “heavyweight sounds” and bangers.

According to Nectar, Reflective (Part 3) is “the next chapter in our ongoing adventure: a series of co-creations born from the exchange of ideas and inspirations, and an exploration of the interplay and ricochet that ensues.” The seven-track EP is a curation of collabs and remixes with talent like Rusko, Vindata, Conrak and more. Reflective (Part 3) is beautiful because of the sound production in all of these tracks, but also because of the collaborations Bassnectar has worked on with these songs. He displays not only the talent of these building artists but also his own ability to work with a diverse group of producers to create something yet unprecedented. Thank Bassnectar for bass!

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Source: Beatport

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