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RB Deep in the Mix: Lee Burridge @ Burning Man 2017

Lee Burridge is a DJ, producer, and record label owner known for helping launch the underground club scene in Hong Kong in the early 1990s. His style encompasses the deeper and groovier end of House, with infectious energy and enthusiasm on stage and a unique storytelling take on his live sets. Now one of England’s most revered DJs, Burridge has toured clubs all over the world, with gigs in Thailand, Ireland, South America, Brazil, and the U.S. He’s a returning Burning Man guest, with notorious seven to ten hour sets each closing Sunday.

Now that Burning Man 2018 has come to a close, leaving many dusty and melancholic, enjoy this RB Deep in the Mix throwback to Lee Burridge at Burning Man 2017.

When it comes to that undefinable sub-genre many categorize as “Playa House,” nobody captures it quite like Lee Burridge. This mix, coming in at almost three hours, will fill your soul with nostalgia as you transport back to the playa in spirit.

You can continue with the good vibes as Lee Burridge makes his way to Shady Park on September 28. Grab your tickets here.

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