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RB Deep in the Mix: SHARAM in The Lab LA

SHARAM’s smooth but hard-hitting beats are borderline psychedelic. Each kick, snare, and high hat works together in a mystifying way. The Iranian DJ and producer has been spinning some of the most melodic progressive house and techno music for over two decades. In that time SHARAM has gone on to produce numerous albums, countless remixes, and has played some of the biggest festivals in the world. For this week’s RB Deep In The Mix, we have a killer set from Sharam at the Mixmag Lab.

This set takes listeners through some of Sharam’s most memorable tracks along with some unreleased bangers. It’s a perfect symphony of progressive house music that does not disappoint. This set was released right before the debut of Sharam’s 2016 album Retroactive. Sharam is stopping by Shady Park on September 22nd. Grab tickets here.

Connect with Sharam: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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