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SLANDER & RIOT Drop ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’

Last week the salacious duo SLANDER announced their upcoming EP, Headbangers Ball. The boys took to Twitter to share their sick cover art and tease the feeds by letting everyone there was going to release the compilation bit by bit, starting with today’s release. If “You Don’t Even Know Me” is on the set list for this ball, we can already tell it’s going to be one hell of a party.

Produced alongside RIOT, the three put something together that transcends the Slander “sound.” Most of the time Derek and Scott take things either emotive and tender or absolutely demonic and dirty.  With this new one, there is even distribution between the feels and freaking dubstep. Heartfelt vocals are woven in between a steady build of emotive bass that then eventually brings the song into its peak of that scary good Slander dubstep. Check it out below.

As this is only song number one from the impending EP, we have a lot to look forward to. It’s going to a Headbangers Ball at Goldrush Music Festival with Slander and this new track they are sure to share live. Grab your tickets here, grab a neck brace, and let’s go to Goldrush.

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