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Sultan + Shepard Get ‘High On Emotion’

Who says 1980s dance music came and went? Surely not Sultan + Shepard on their brand-new take on Chris de Burgh‘s iconic 1984 hit tinged with old and new-world electronic influences by the title of “High On Emotion.” Released on the illustrious Armada Music label, the handbag house-reminiscent rising synths and heavy cowbell display the “greatest hits” of what made the 1980s a breeding ground for originality and creativity of the time.

Sultan + Shepard – High On Emotion

 As the clapping-backbeat reverbs around the track from beginning to end, the repeating vocal sample highlights the soulful affects which used to line dance tracks much more frequently than the present. The chorus effect on the vocals give “High On Emotion” a “Like A PrayerMadonna-breakdown vibe, later reunited with the notorious cowbell present in most of the track. The progressive house elements which make up the foundation of this new single keep the track grounded in 2018, without ignoring the strong harbinger of the past. The duo riffed on their new single, “High On Emotion,” when prompted about its creation:

“This song really brings back a special vibe for us,’ said the duo.“It’s about having fun and partying, but also the simple fact that you can experience really euphoric emotions when going out…We were inspired by the sound of the late 90’s and early 2000’s in house music, things like the French Touch sound and early Electro House,” they continued. 

“The culture of flipping old records has been going on forever and it really is one of favorite things to do. The idea that you can take a rock record from the 80’s and turn it into a club banger is so fun to us.”

The culture of turntables and analog elements were surely not lost in the creative process behind this new track; highlighting the euphoria which made early dance music so popular only elevates the deserved hype behind this 80s-tinged progressive masterpiece. Outside of their collabs with Tiesto, Dillon Francis and Fedde le Grand, “High On Emotion” presents the flavor of their solo efforts in full force when left to their own devices.

Download “High On Emotion” from Armada Music here.

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