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TELYKast Releases Pop-Crossover ‘Talk Again’ on Amuse

Nothing is more sugary-sweet than an electronic-pop crossover, and the trio (Trevor, Linus, and Kyle) behind TELYKast are no strangers to bending genre norms and showcasing that aspect with their new single, “Talk Again,” released on Amuse.  The organic elements behind their new single complement the calm, ambient electropop vibes spread equally throughout the track prime for a radio crossover.

Described as a “heartbreak anthem,” the new track by TELYKast brings R+B ballad vibes against a pulsing bass backbeat reminiscent of the early 00s, a la Kylie Minogue’sCan’t Get You Out Of My Head.” The synth-laden drop with skewed vocal lines quickly meet back up by the melody, offering the listener smooth transitions among acoustic hybrid sounds. The trio elaborated on the creation of the track to the press below:

Talk Again’ was written after a fresh heartbreak,’ the trio said. ‘Even though the whole song came together in one day almost 2 years ago, we spent a lot of time perfecting the musical parts to convey the feeling that the lyrics do.”

“We feel everyone has had that person that they wish they could ‘Talk Again’ with; we hope this song brings them one step closer to doing so.”

While the lyrics may carry a somber note, the well-executed pinash and tempo of the track will keep your head bopping. Culminated from the diverse backgrounds of each member of the trio, TELYKast has the guts to prove themselves as the evolving future of what we see as “EDM.” As pop elements intermingle with light, ambient trance elements found on their new single, “Talk Again” proves itself as a hazy entry into an exciting fall season for the scene.

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