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Ubur Takes Us on a Wild Ride with ‘Flex’

Ubur is the hottest thing to hit the scene since..maybe Uber. This young producer is out with a new track that bumps harder than anything we’ve heard in a while. Him and fellow dubstepteer, Subject 31, have brewed a symphony of wonks, subs, dubs, that they like to call, “Flex”.

Opening with an ominous and spook-riddled into, Ubur turned up the dial on intrigue. A rap vocal break by Subject 31 bleeds into a zingy build up that drops into a riddim raucous. Words don’t even begin to convey the filth we have here with this one. Beware folks, it’s intense. Check it out below.

Released on the heels of his second EP, Double U, it’s clear that Ubur is busting out bangers right and left. Double U sees Ubur shinning in the spotlight with 2 solos. He also finds himself collaborating with Subtronics and Aweminus on the other two tracks.

Like his Soundcloud says, Ubur turns knobs not wheels, and come October 27th he will be turning knobs at The Van Burren with Snails. Come get your wonk and riddim fix. Grab your tickets here.

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