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3 Times Post Hardcore Met Dubstep

One of the best things about the electronic music industry is the fact that it’s a newer phenomenon. With the use of technology, the possibilities have become endless. With EDM being a more recent outlet of expression, artists that are now taking over the industry have had time to be influenced by other genres and are able to use these influences in their own music. For many bassheads, myself included, they grew up listening to heavy metal, post-hardcore, and overall aggressive music. Not wanting that aggression to die years after high school, some artists have started using these heavy elements in their music to attract fans. This type of dubstep has become a growingly popular trend, especially over the past two years. Here are some beautiful examples of times when heavy post-hardcore music intertwined with the heaviest electronic music perfectly. These songs are NOT for people who get cold-feet on the dancefloor. Headbangers only!

Last Resort – Papa Roach (Kayzo Remix)

When Kayzo dropped his rework of “Last Resort” by Papa Roach on his Overload tour earlier this year, the crowd was in awe. The mind-blown faces from everyone in the audience proved just how powerful this track is. Since the release of the Rework, it has grown to become one of Kayzo’s most popular songs and was one of the most played songs at EDC Las Vegas 2018. Kazyo even brought out singer Jacoby Shaddix at Lollapalooza to perform the rework live. “Last Resort (Rework)” has quickly become a staple in bass music sets. You’ll be able to watch Kayzo drop this insane remix surrounded by thousands of smiling faces at Boo! 2018. Grab tickets here.


Kneel Before Me – Slander, Asking Alexandria, Crankdat

This track is 100% Insane. It’s a perfect symphony of dubstep and post-hardcore music. The aggressive vocals from Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria set the stage for the face-melting drop. The whole track is a banger from start to finish. The use of guitar riffs, heavy bass drums, and screeching synths from Slander and Crankdat truly make this a relentless beat. Whether you’re a basshead, post-hardcore fan, or somewhere in between; this track is sure to please. Our fingers are crossed that Slander drops this masterpiece at Goldrush.


 Hammer – Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King

Sullivan King is the king (literally) of combining Screamo and Dubstep together into a motif of sound. He’s down countless heavy tracks with artists like Black Tiger Sex Machine, Bear Grillz, and Kill the Noise just to name a few. A prime example of what the King is capable of is his 2017 co-produced EP with Dirtyphonics, Vantablack. It’s actually impossible to listen to this EP without headbanging, moshing and screaming alongside the lyrics. The song “Hammer” off Vanatablack is a delicious cocktail of earth-shaking bass, drum kits, and screams.

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