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Bleep Bloop Perfects Slime Punk on Latest ‘Prologus Auxilium’ EP

If you’re a fan of grimy bass producers like Bleep Bloop, NastyNasty, Proko, or Ethan Glass, you may be used to seeing your favorite tracks tagged as “slime punk.” The genre has been around for some years, stemming from an internet aesthetic started in the early 2010s, but the sound is still difficult to define. Alpha Pup Records’ latest release, Bleep Bloop’s Prologus Auxilium EP, offers up what may be the most cohesive slime punk project to date.

The EP is a collaborative powerhouse, as Aaron Triggs (a.k.a. Bleep Bloop) teams up with artists both in and outside the slime punk community. The track that best represents the genre is “Santoryu” with Richmond-based producer, Ethan Glass. “Santoryu” shows off the extreme end of the EP. The pair puts this bassline into overdrive to create the melty, distorted sound that slime punk is known for.

On the other end of the spectrum, Bleep Bloop pulls back only slightly for “Impel Tiltskin”: a collaboration with renowned production expert, Mr. Bill. Together, they craft the most melodic track of the EP while staying true to the sporadic percussion of computer music. The two singles—“Tremors” with Tsuruda and “Killing Machine” with Detroit rapper, Nebr, The Tiger—complete the package of the EP.

Prologus Auxilium dips into all of Bleep Bloop’s areas of expertise, from the depths of glitch and halftime to the aggressive energies of rap. In all, this four-track project is the perfect answer to the question: “what the hell is slime punk?”.

To fit this highly collaborative project, Bleep Bloop is taking Prologus Auxilium on tour with a multitude of artists. You can catch Bleep Bloop at Shady Park on October 12th. For this date, he will receive support from Chee, the South African producer who has drawn the attention of Noisia. Grab your tickets now!

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