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DJ To Watch: DNMO

DJ to Watch sounds a little flimsy for this one–DMNO is a DJ you need to stalk, closely. He’s young and yes, that’s already impressive in itself. But beyond being only 17, what is truly amazing is that in just over a year his resume is staking up to shine brighter than some established veterans.

He’s one of Soundcloud’s 2018 Artist to Watch, DJ Times’ Rising Teen, Zed’s Dead hand-picked protégé, and all this was accomplished with less than 20 tracks in his portfolio. Which makes sense because you only need 1 minute of one song to hear the raw talent that lies within DNMO.

Recent wins have seen him working a lot with Canadian duo, Zeds Dead. He helped them create their latest track “We Could Be Kings,” which is arguably one of their best songs to date. DMNO also had an entire guest mix dedicated to him on episode 24 of Deadbeats Radio. It’ll be no time at all until DNMO is at the top of everyone’s lineup list.

Speaking of those lineup lists, we can’t express how excited we are to have DNMO come out with Ookay and Bonnie X Clyde for Ookay’s Bad Habits Tour. It’s going down at The Van Buren on December 14th, grab your tickets here.

Connect with DNMO: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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