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Born in San Jose, California, and now based in Los Angeles, dubstep producer SVDDEN DEATH ironically got his start experimenting with big room house. He also dabbled in electro-house, hip-hop, metal, and even jazz growing up, and from there, his sound evolved into the dubstep/riddim/bass monster it is today. With a musical background that is all over the place and an intriguing history of picking up and learning any instrument that strikes his fancy, Svdden Death has demonstrated a refreshing passion for music and talent to match. He’s also a very deserving candidate for this week’s DJ to Watch.

Svdden Death released his first big EP, Spelljam in 2017 via the Never Say Die: Black Label. He’s since released several singles on Buygore Record’s newest compilation, Fresh Blood, and two more EPs, Junkworld and VOYD Vol. I, both released this year.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Skrillex, Noisia, and other dubstep legends, Svdden Death has formulated his own idiosyncratic style, filled with textured rhythms and sub-wrecking basslines.

Within the past year, Svdden Death has blown up within the bass community, and is now playing countless gigs all over the country, including his current tour with Snails. Keep this DJ on your radar – he’s already racked up an impressive list of accomplishments throughout his short career.

You can catch Svdden Death with Snails on The Shell Tour on Wednesday, October 4 at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson and Saturday, October 27 at The Van Buren in Phoenix.

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