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G Jones Delivers a Ground-Breaking New Sound on ‘The Ineffable Truth’

Over the weekend, the bass scene experienced one of those rare events that just might alter the trajectory of dance music. If you’ve been on social media lately, or read any electronic music publication, or even visited the iTunes Electronic Music Charts, you know what I’m talking about: The Ineffable Truth is finally here.

The debut album of California-native, Greg Jones, was unveiled last Friday via G Jones’ own Portland-based label, Illusory Records. Since the start of his career, G Jones has been busy racking up accolades from genre-defining artists like Aphex Twin and DJ Shadow. His role as a center figure of experimental bass was already solidified, but this full-fleshed-out LP elevates his artistry to a whole new level.

Overnight, what was widely recognized as the most anticipated album of 2018 started being referred to as a clear contender for album of the year.

The Ineffable Truth is undeniably a concept album. It opens with a simple, yet philosophical desire for unity: a hesitant voice says, “I want to feed off of this feeling, which seems to be coming from everything.” G Jones then sets off to explore that idea in sound, with the intro track, “222 / Unknowable,” serving as a guide to the sonic vocabulary of all 11 tracks. He toys with elements that are instantly recognizable from the album’s leading singles: the shaking breakbeat of “Time,” a snippet of generated voice like that of “In Your Head,” and a multitude of familiar synths and samples.

While the album works in the name of cohesion, artistic maturity, and emotional impact, The Ineffable Truth does not abandon G Jones’ area of expertise: earth-shattering bass. Tracks like “Different Sound” and “Arbiter’s Theme” build into heavy, ear-splitting drops that all show signs of G Jones’ unique and glitchy hand.

On the other end of the spectrum, the latter half of the album taps into something much more ethereal, especially on “Iridescent Leaves Floating Downstream.” In an interview with Billboard, G Jones said the song stemmed from “a spontaneous vision [he] once had during a difficult time in [his] life.” With such “life-affirming” inspirations for the album, it follows that this music is so capable of inciting emotion.

This release lives up to a title as grandiose as The Ineffable Truth. In many ways, G Jones’ debut is simply ineffable. It is difficult to describe a work of experimentation that has few contemporary comparisons. For very good reasons, the album is already the subject of countless glowing reviews, lauding it as a ground-breaking work in dance music.

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Along with the release of the album comes the start of G Jones’ comprehensive audio-visual tour. Relentless Beats is proud to host the Phoenix leg of The Ineffable Truth Tour at The Monarch Theatre on November 14th. Tickets and information here.

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Source: Billboard

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