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Justin Jay’s ‘Home’ Gets Remodeled

Late last year, the overly talented Justin Jay released his first full-length album Home. The 14-track passion project gained massive popularity among house and techno fans and opened new doors for the artist. After the release of Home, Jay hit the road and began giving crowds a peek into the heart and soul of his music. The best part of this tour is that on several stops, Jay would play with a full live band, taking his live shows to the next level and proving that Justin Jay was a force to be reckoned with. After the massive success of Home, Jay went on to release two more EP’s, with up and coming artists Thumpasaurus and Ulf Blonde.

To follow up one of the biggest years in the artist’s career, Justin Jay released Home(Remixes) last month on his own label Fantastic Voyage Records. The remixes on this album completely reimagine the original in a vibrant and euphoric way. Even though the tracks have the same title, they sound and feel completely different from the originals. A lot of the biggest Dirtybird players like Walker & Royce, Will Clarke, and Christian Martin completely remodel Home. Jay also featured remixes from smaller, less known producers like Sam von Horn and Harrison Holt, giving them the attention they rightfully deserve. Home (Remixes) and the original Home are different and the same; Ying and Yang. Both are immensely enjoyable to listen to while having different vibes completely.

The 22-year old DJ, producer, songwriter, musician, and record label owner is headlining this year’s inaugural Origins festival on November 17th at the Rawhide Riverwalk. If you’ve never witnessed Justin Jay live, you need to make this event a priority. Trust me, you are in for a treat. Grab tickets here.

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