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Justin Martin Drops ‘Set It Off’ Remixes

Are you ready to get this party started right? Justin Martin, aka J-Mart, aka one of the dirtiest birds to ever exist, released his long-awaited remix of “Set it Off,” kick-starting his Set it Off  Tour that started this month. “Set it Off” is a staple in Justin Martin’s sets, which his fans have been flocking to over the last several years. “On the left, on the right,” cannot be muttered around a Dirtybird fan without the rest of the lyrics following. And now, thanks to Justin, his fans can listen to the track whenever their heart desires, and not just at his shows.

Lucky for us, Justin Martin is blessing Arizona with two different tour dates. One for our Northerners up in Flagstaff on November 16, and one for us Phoenicians at Shady Park on November 18. Click the link to buy your tickets, and maybe, if you’re really lucky, you’ll catch him jogging in your area before one of his shows.

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