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Make Way for Wooli’s ‘Mammoth’ EP

Although his cheeky bio says he’s based in Antarctica, Wooli, the DJ with a behemoth talent for creating dubstep, hails from New York. In just the past few years, he has been busy building his wooly mammoth aesthetic and his knack for heavy-hitting electronic music. His latest, a four-track EP fittingly titled Mammoth, embodies everything about himself and the work he has put into his music. Be prepared to break your neck – Wooli really took the mammoth by the tusks on this one.

“Throw It Up” opens with foreboding and ferocious samples of stomping feet, a trumpeting mammoth, and the sped-up lyrics, “Don’t give a-” building up to the earth-shaking drop. This is a vertebra-breaker to the max, and is almost reminiscent of Excision‘s dino-dubstep, which makes sense because of the support Excision has lent to Wooli. Wooli’s collaboration with Mastadon, another heavy-hitter, pairs metal elements with dubstep for some mosh-worthy music. “When elephants attack,” in a deep, monstrous voice catapults the drop into a synthy tempo with screaming samples to match. “Thicc Boi,” is a cheeky track that smacks just as hard, with a “damn, boi!” sample right before the bass gets serious. “Need U” softens the vibe just a bit with Josh Marment’s crooning vocals and melodic dubstep energy. Who said dubstep couldn’t get feelsy?

With this latest EP, Wooli is clearing a path for dubstep with his evolutionary approach on the genre. Be on the lookout for more from him; with a sound as big as a wooly mammoth, he’s hard to miss.

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