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Toadface Serves ‘Bugs for Breakfast’ with Debut LP on Wakaan

Freeform bass has always been a home for the weirder side of dance music. Yet Toadface consistently seems to push it to be even more bizarre than thought possible. His debut LP, Bugs for Breakfast, released last week on Wakaan, could be considered one of the strangest projects to come out of the genre in recent years. However, as Toadface offers up ridiculous, unexpected sounds, he does so through arrangements that make the incomprehensible take form as heavy, memorable beats.

Todd Holler, a.k.a. Toadface, is a native of Dayton, Ohio, but his sound truly does feel like it comes from the swamp. In fact, the boggy, dense tone of his music is one thing that shines on his 12-track LP. “Manipulation,” for example, uses heavy synth lines to forefront the slimier textures of bass. The title track takes on Toadface’s theme even more directly, as the vocals, “I’m eating bugs for breakfast,” introduce a hard-hitting drop. If you’re looking for something different, be sure to stream the Bugs for Breakfast LP below.

Beyond Toadface’s signature sounds, the album also offers collaborations with some huge players in the bass scene. “Cronenberg” is a standout on the album that pulls together an impressive trio consisting of Toadface, along with his older brother, Yheti, and Denver-based producer, DMVU. Other appearances include EAZYBAKED, Of The Trees, Amaku, and sfam—meaning the LP is dense with talent.

Overall, Bugs for Breakfast represents experimentation at its best. Toadface seems to have found some perfect balance between weird, unpredictable sampling and heavy, unforgettable drops. It’s no hyperbole to say that this achievement creates something unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

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