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5 Shlump Tracks that Will Send You to Hyperspace

When we think of the resident extraterrestrials of the bass scene, Shlump comes in at the top of that long, weird roster. He has mastered that alien sound: strange lasers, wonky low-end beats, and totally unidentifiable noises. It’s hard to picture anything other than a tiny, green creature behind the decks.

In preparation for Shlump’s Hyperspace Tour (which is heading West this month), we have curated a playlist of five Shlump tracks that will take you straight out of Earth’s stratosphere.

First up, there’s “Creature”: a brand-new release and the next best thing in alien bass. This tune is a collab with the master of the otherworldly team, Liquid Stranger. “Creature” just popped off via Wakaan and brings some serious throwback wonky style. The playlist then revs up for “Freestyle Flow” and drops a few frequencies for the Deep, Dark and Dangerous hit, “Alien Technology.” Nothing better defines Shlump than a drop that kicks off with: “it came from outer space.” “Lazer Beam” is a double-whammy: the ambient moments drift into deep space, while the drop goes aboard an alien spaceship.

Finally, when it comes to a space bass playlist, “alien shit” is a must-have. This track is a Shlump classic, coming from his 2015 alien shit EP on Saturate Records. Three years later, it has nearly 200k plays on Soundcloud and any bass fan can instantly recognize that “look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane” vocal. Only a few weeks ago, Shlump teased on Facebook the possibility of a part two!

Just like each of these tracks, Shlump’s Hyperspace Tour is sure to take his audience out of this world. The tour is landing in Phoenix soon via Relentless Beats’ new series, All Natural, which has already brought stellar artists like Bleep Bloop and Chee. Roll call for all alien beings at Shady Park on November 10th with Sumthin Sumthin. Find tickets to Shlump’s spaceship here.

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