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Deathpact Releases Sophomore EP ‘Cipher Two’

Dark, experimental bass has been on our electronic music radar lately, and if it hasn’t been on yours, then you need to shift gears. Producers like 13, 1788-L, and Deathpact are making moves with their ears for sinister sound design and spooky wubs that break through the barriers of typical bass music. This forward-thinking pays off – REZZ, queen of space bass, has collaborated with all three producers. But something sets one apart from the rest. Deathpact, the hauntingly mysterious producer with no face, has taken the ambiguous DJ trend to a cryptic new level. Communicating primarily through computer codes, nearly impossible puzzles, and key emojis, they’ve grown an impressive following for only releasing music in 2018. Only one month after releasing their debut EP, they have a follow up to devour, Cipher Two.

A short few second prelude, titled “Delightful Intervention,” introduces the eery EP with a somewhat adorable voice chirping, “Death,” a handful of times before diving into the darker stuff. “Formality,” the true beginning to Cipher Two, has samples of some old movie that is unsettling to the soul before it starts to really bop with synths and tasteful bass. “Interference,” raises the energy from the deep with just a taste of funk accompanying the spook. “Suspect,” is suspicious indeed with alien synths and futuristic, grinding bass. The real death star to this EP is the final track, “End of Time.” An ominous robotic voice and an intense buildup drop into grimy wubs and bumping bass that ruptures our expectations without being delivered as too experimental. The entire EP is a testament to Deathpact’s determination to create something unparallel, while still pushing forward the experimental bass genre as a whole.

Deathpact’s mysterious website lists Deathdrop One and Deathdrop II along with Cipher One and Cipher II… An indication of future EPs? Maybe we’ll see.

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