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Don’t Snooze on Slooze’s Latest Track ‘Desolation’

If you’ve been snoozing on night bass producer Slooze, it’s time to wake up. The rising DJ has been releasing a slew of remixes, flips, and original music. His latest, “Desolation,” is arguably his greatest so far.

Not much is known about Slooze, except that he seems to have a cunning ability to create gritty, wobbly bass music. His midnight sound is a hot trend with other bass DJs in the current scene, but the futuristic element that is especially present in “Desolation” separates him from the rest, as well as his dystopic description of the track on his Soundcloud:

Following the annihilation of the last survivors, the invaders survey the area for any last traces of their enemies. Their surroundings are charred and the sky is filled with smoke; fire burns throughout the lands. As they all regroup, the next fleet of reinforcements arrives – the time has come to begin the colonization. Enter absolute ‘Desolation.’

With foreboding, powerful bass and creepy glitch synths, Slooze is emerging from the depths as a bass force to be reckoned with. Pay attention, and follow the saga in upcoming releases.

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