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GRiZ Ends His Silence with Two Track EP

Detroit is supplying the music scene with some of the best music out there, and GRiZ is no exception. He’s recently ended a year-long hiatus from releasing music with an exceptional 2-track collection. Funk filled dub with catchy riffs and amazing instrumentation makes this one of the best listens of the fall. Bringing on rapper DRAM, he keeps his perfectly modern sound, while touching on all the special aspects of his music that touch so many headphones across the globe.

“It Gets Better,” featuring DRAM, leads off with gorgeous keys and vocal chorus, and has the best of the famed GRiZ horns. “Can’t Get Enough” brings the ultimate electro-funk feel, making this one an instant hit. More recently GRiZ has been sharing clips of his spoken word poetry, and he’s made his vocal debut on “Can’t Get Enough.”

When GRiZ departed from social media back in February we weren’t sure what the future would hold for the talented artist. According to a press release, however, this bold move was made so he could hide away in his studio and travel all around the country recording new music.

We’re beyond grateful he’s returned and can’t wait to see what’s next!

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